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A Few Words About Us

The difference is clear

We believe skirting should protect your undercarriage and be maintenance free. We also believe it should not break the bank. You invest in a home and it needs to be protected. That’s where we come in. Steel Skirt King is just that, the King of Skirting. We are stronger and longer lasting than any other skirting in the world


Steel Skirt King is durable enough to last a lifetime.
100% American Skirting
100% MPH Wind Guarantee
100% Recyclable
100% Weedeater Proof
100% Fireproof.

Curb Appeal

Tired of looking like the herd? Vinyl skirting sucks. It’s ugly and doesn’t last very long. Hardi and Smart Panel look good at first but you have to paint and maintain it regularly, plus if you don’t put it on a concrete ledge it wicks moisture and ruins or molds. Steel SKirt King has a unique look and stands out as a superior product from every angle!


Suprisingly affordable! We can either install the product same day or deliver it to your site for a do it yourself project. Contact us for a fast free quote. I promise you won’t be sorry you did!

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Best Skirting Available

Affordably Priced

Steel Skirt King Inc is the only skirting with a lifetime warranty. We area a 100% fireproof, 100% weed eater proof, 100 mph wind proof, 100% recyclable and maintenance free. We are affordably priced. What more could you ask for?

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Skirting done right

From Steel Skirt King

I have been in the manufactured housing business for 14 years. I have never seen anything so great. This is skirting revolution. No more of the problems with skirting. It doesn’t ever need to be replaced, painted, put back up after a storm, nothing. It is literally a buy it once and never ever touch it again. I cannot over state how bada** this stuff is.

Finish Options

Steel Skirt has custom finished and colors to match any home. No matter what your needs or design choices dictate, we can accommodate a clean, polished look. Experience the difference of siding that not only lasts for years, but looks incredible.